I had so much fun doing this project, as it was like a challenge for me, why ? Well the time to deliver was 48 Hours , yeah I know ! it’s such a short time to make a 1Min Motion Graphics Animation, but I did it.

The Files given from the company to start the project were : Script , Voiceover .

It was a good opportunity for me to push my skills to the limit.
Here I will walk you through my work process of this Animation. 


Storyboard is the first step (or second, depending on the project and artist) I did in this animation to picture the full work scene by scene.

The Pictures you’re looking at above are the final results, I did Multiple tries before and added changes to them. 



Moodboard is always fun to make, after I Pictured the timing and basic look of the animation through the storyboard, its time to give it life with a certain style and a beautiful color palette.

I went with simple 4 colors for main characters and light blue for the background to keep everything simple and modern.

Thanks !