Glint A collaboration loop by @sam.essanoussi, @imse_ty, @declosdesign, and @tilenmourier_art An entry for the second @ravie.co #RavieChallenge! This time, the theme was to make a 30-second loop that reminds you of the word “Glint“, the deadline was in 10days. We landed on the concept of chopping up the animation into five 6-second parts, each with our style. Then we all joined

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Sak o Ghnima

Sak o Ghnima I had the honor to be  a part of this project and work with talented artist to delivere this beautiful piece. Sak o Ghnima is a TV show Published in Al Aoula, one of the largest Moroccan public television channel. The show it self is a new experience that digs more into the heritage

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Mombi I had so much fun working on this animation as it’s my first time using this modern type of motion graphics, I’ve learned a lot along the way ! Let me walk you throughout my process. STORYBOARD Storyboard is the first step (or second, depending on the project and artist) I did in this

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